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God of Abundance

God of Abundance


Have you heard that God is a God of abundance, but never really stopped to think how?

Let's fix that right now. I can think of a few things that show the nature of His abundance. 

The abundance of mankind. He has placed what seems to be endless potential for life in mankind. Look at the diversity of humans. No two are alike.

Goodness, consider taste buds. We don't have just one. We have tons. They don't even just taste one type of flavor, but many! (And they grow back, when we burn them on that hot pizza we couldn't wait to taste!)

Look at snowflakes. No two are alike and yet there are an infinite amount of them.

Let's check our fruit. Take cantaloupe for example. God didn't just place one seed in it to possibly reproduce. He place hundreds of seeds into one melon! If that's not abundance, right?

Need some more instances?

Stars. Not one star to look up at in the night sky. More than we could count in a lifetime.

Sand. Ummmmm. . . .

Get it? God's very nature is that of abundance. So, the next time you think that He can't do it, or doesn't have the resources. Think again. AND, He spoke it ALL into being.


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