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Hot, Not Lukewarm | Revelation 3:15-16

Hot, Not Lukewarm is inspired by Revelation 3:16
So then because thou are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

This is for real! We don’t want to be lukewarm!

We need to stay near the hot coals where the heat is. Where the fire is. That fire represents commitment and a burning of anything unwanted. God works in us mightily when we stay HOT for God.

We want to pick a camp and stay there. We don’t want to sit on the fence of indecision with our Heavenly Father. He has given us every reason to go full stop with Him! To go all out! You realize, He goes all out for us ALL THE TIME!

There is nothing to hard for Him nor is there anything He will not do for us! We serve and love an amazingly, loving and gracious and merciful Father! When we go all out with and for Him and learn how to cultivate an amazingly intimate and sweet relationship with Him, there is never a reason to be lukewarm! Because you are not lukewarm, and His love and His Word is your absolute lifestyle, there is absolutely no reason why you would ever want to be lukewarm!

Bask in the love of your Father and Our Lord Jesus! Show others what it’s like to live HOT for Him!

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