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Behind Grace & Beauty Clothing

Hey friend! I'm Heidi Mize and I am the Founder & Owner of Grace & Beauty Clothing! Grace & Beauty Clothing is truly inspired by God. The phrase comes straight from Proverbs.

Proverbs 4:9 (Amp)
“She will place on your head a garland of grace;
She will present you with a crown of beauty and glory.”

Grace and Beauty Clothing offers quality, stylish shirts made with love for you to be super blessed to wear.  Inspired, designed, and made in the heart of the family in hometown America.  Amazingly soft and comfy shirts are made to last with gentle love and care.  Our heart is for you to be inspired while doing the same for those around you, wearing a positive message of the love of God. Simply put, 


Grace & Beauty is a Christian family small business. As a homeschooling mama of 5, my heart has always been to share the love and goodness of God. God always teaches my heart with simple phrases and those phrases I design to bless you.

Be interesting!  Seriously it’s time for a change! Cause people to stop and have a conversation about what you are wearing! God’s word is exciting and life changing! It’s alive and well! 

I wanted to reflect God’s beauty and grace with each outfit.  Grace and Beauty Clothing is about to change the face of Christian wear across the board!  It’s time to boldly proclaim God’s goodness and reflect how great and beautiful God is. 

Who wouldn’t want to wear a stylish Christian shirt that looks and feels good and blesses the hearts of those around them.  Live the light, be the light, walk in the light! Spice up your wardrobe and passion for God with a new piece or two that fuels your excitement for what God is and will do in your life! 

Every woman desires to remember that she is beautiful and in the face of advertising, our image is constantly diminished.  God defines who we are and now our clothing will remind us of just that! Welcome Grace and Beauty Clothing to your closet today and things will seem fresher and more exciting than ever before! Bring some light to your closet and the start of each day!

Whether you're going out shopping, to your study group, your fave Christian concert or conference, you'll find designs that always represent your heart and inspire others.

It always blesses me when someone looks at my shirt and says, "Yes! Praise God! I LOVE your shirt!" And, then we have a heart to heart about God and I get to pray for them, lead them to Christ or simply share what God has put on my heart for them in the moment.

I hope you have lots of opportunities to share the love and heart of God and His Son Jesus as you Express Your Faith in style!

I look forward to hearing and seeing what God is doing in your life because we have crossed paths.  #ExpressYourFaith  with your amazing lookin' self, rockin' your Grace & Beauty tee, tank or hoody! 

Blessings and prayers,

Heidi Mize

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